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Nuestros experimentados consultores de crecimiento de LinkedDNA de América del Norte hacen el trabajo pesado en su nombre invirtiendo 30 horas o más a la semana expandiendo su red profesional, construyendo su marca y generando profesionalmente para usted compromisos de calidad con sus contactos deseados.

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LinkedDNA Essential Service

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With SDR support

• Dedicated North American LinkedDNA growth consultant
• LinkedDNA strategy for your success consultation
• Pinpoint your competitive sweet spot (SWOT analysis)
• Outline your ideal target customer personas & accounts
• Devise your digital content & strategy plan
• Draft of intriguing messaging template that drives responses
• Expands your professional network with targeted connections each month
• Raises your personal brand & authority through effective content usage
• Delivers a steady stream of quality engagements with desired contacts
• LinkedIn group membership expansion
• Regular LinkedIn account maintenance & calibration
• Weekly CRM load report comprised of connections
• Weekly comprehensive cumulative dashboard-powered report
Customer data enrichment with work emails and phone numbers
Personal profile optimization  (Includes custom banner image)
Done-For-You Content Procurement & Delivery Service Includes
• 1-hour client consultation to determine parameters
• Content sourcing configuration per client needs
• Newsletter signup integration into client website
• Newsletter page integration into client website
• Custom client newsletter header banner design
• 4 custom digital ads to be embedded throughout newsletter
• 40 articles per month procured, reviewed, captioned for client approval a week in advance
• Personalized caption of 1 to 2 sentences is written for each article that includes hashtags, and URL
• Posted in client’s customer designed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter
• Posted on client’s social media sites twice a day including:
○ Main company LinkedIn page
○ Client’s personal LinkedIn page
○ Client’s personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages
Fractional SDR support to follow up and book meetings includes:
• Dedicated & trained sales development rep provides 20 hours support per week
• SDR tasked with trying to secure meetings with your connections
• Calendar invites sent to prospects and you for booked appointments
• Reminder notices sent a day in advance of meeting to confirm attendances
• 1-hour client consultation to determine parameters
• Custom email and call guide development
• 80 hours are invested by the SDR each month
• Three call attempts per contact spread over two weeks
• Initial introduction email delivered week prior to call attempt
• Final email delivered week prior to 3rd and final call attempt
• Weekly detailed call report
• Additional SDR support available upon request

$995 per month & One-time $295 Setup fee

$1295 per month & One-time $795 Setup fee

$3795 per month & One-time $1295 Setup fee

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LinkedDNA Drives Sales Efficiency

Part of the LinkedDNA Secret Sauce lies in our highly effective 20-Step Process that is delivered in four progressive building block stages designed to help you achieve three key milestones:

1.Establish the connection with your desired customers

2.Raise your personal brand in front of your audience as a subject matter expert

3.Bring them into positive engagement with you.

LinkedDNA Professionally Delivers Quality Prospect Engagements

LinkedDNA Delivers Results:
 Expands your professional network with targeted connections each month
 Delivers steady stream of quality engagements with desired contacts
 Raises your personal profiles & brand as a subject matter expert
 Delivers weekly comprehensive dashboard-powered reports

LinkedDNA's Unrivaled Value:
 Delivers higher caliber engagements at a fraction of the cost of other methods
 Drives sales efficiency as reps focus on sales engagements vs prospecting
 Amplifies marketing's impact and reach via each rep's individual network
 Strategic front-end of holistic tactical account penetration & expansion strategy
 Supports effective lead/relationship nurturing efforts with new connections
 Ensures a more positive customer experience and first impressions

LinkedDNA's Unrivaled Process & Security:
 Dedicated North American LinkedDNA Growth Consultant
 Powered by sophisticated value-based customer engagement ABM process
 NO automation - No Outsourcing - No offshoring
 Strictest data security policy and process
 100% compliant service