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Outbound Demand Generation

We are customer acquisition and expansion experts for the technology industry. We help sales and marketing leaders attain quota on-time by delivering sales ready business opportunities that convert higher than traditional leads and appointments by as much as 300%. 

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Closed Loop Lead Management

We employ a proven industry best practice approach to providing a closed loop environment to ensure all opportunities are effectively engaged and tracked. It is a combination of people, process and technology to ensure you maximize the potential of your marketing investments.

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Business Process Optimization

To maximize your revenue generation, you need to have an optimized business process that ensures continuous business growth. This includes identifying where key performance indicators are not optimal. We provide best-in-class support along any point in the demand generation process.

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Business Intelligence Backed Database Services

Accurate business intelligence is critical to help guide decisions and to gain a competitive advantage. Marketing professionals will agree that finding a good database of prospects is one of the hardest components of a marketing campaign and can have a dramatic effect on success. This is why Global Technology Sales Solutions is focused on helping customers build a powerful customer intelligence knowledgebase. 

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Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is a process that only effectively matures future sales opportunities when the focus is a positive customer experience. We employ a best-in-class methodology for intelligent, meaningful and continuous customer engagement that includes direct customer dialogues and targeted multi-channel content delivery using the latest in technology.

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Inbound Customer Care

Your current and future customers want the flexibility to engage you via phone, email, chat or social media. All in real-time! The best customer experience is made possible through our omni-channel approach that supports inquiry handling, escalation and resolution via multiple mediums of communication including phone, email, chat or social media. 

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